This guide has the solutions to all the Puzzles in uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. After Chloe saves your hide, follow her inside the laundromat on the right to find a locked door. Quickly seek cover behind a low wall and target the enemies coming your way from the stairs ahead, including one equipped with a shield. Also, if he happens to get close enough to grab you, hammer on the attack button until he drops you and then get the hell out of there! Remain here until the enemy on the left turns around, then sneak up behind him for another silent kill. Now the next corridor also is home to several enemies--move up, from pillar to pillar, until you're close enough to safely target them. Wait here while your partner tosses another grappling hook, before leaping to the rope. Quickly drop to the left side of the train for both protection from the lights, as well as from the chopper, and sidle along the ledge to the next platform. Now you'll want to work your way up to the tower's roof by climbing the ladders floor to floor--move quick or take cover to evade the sniper's line-of-sight. Once clear, hop over to it and continue right, ready to tackle a few more. Thankfully, Drake will take notice of an entrance ahead--wait for your partner to get into position, then tap the button should on-screen when close to have him fling you up to it. Form there press L1 to use the scope. Elena will barricade the door, making this area safe…for now. While hanging from the pole, sidle along it to the left then pull out your gun to target some more blue-stuff ahead, revealing an entranceway you can swing into. Privacy Policy. However, numerous more enemies await ahead--take cover behind one of the pillars and aim for the grenade launcher on the right side of the walkway ahead, before focusing on the remaining enemies. We suggest starting off by taking cover behind one of the pillars to the right (assuming you're facing toward the central structure) and waiting for one of the creatures to leap onto the structure overhead. Oh that crazy Drake. Sneak up behind him for a stealth takedown, then quickly head left inside to stealth kill another. Once you've thinned the crowd ahead, take down a sniper out each of the side windows, before turning your attention back to the field. Once there, tap "Triangle" when instructed to catch Elena when she makes her jump, before continuing onward to the chapter's end. Try and take down the snipers first (as visible by their targeting lasers), but refocus your attention to the bridge of any enemies try to cross--especially a group of three heavily armored foes (you don't want them to get close!). Time your melee attacks and counters to push him behind you, then quickly dart to the other side of the car and take cover behind another seat there. Climb up to it and insert the key. This video contains all puzzles: Chapter 4 Puzzles Trident Fort Puzzle. Once there, leap to the adjacent rooftop and immediatly seek cover behind the brick wall on the left, and target the enemies on the roof ahead (aim for the rocker launcher first!). You'll have to move the four objects onto the switch in front of the respective painting. It too will bend under your weight as you near the top--quickly leap to the door that opens on the left, forming a ledge. Once you've cleared the area, a truck will roll in on down the street on the right with reinforcements. Also, be alert of enemies that you may attacked from both the far left and far right--it doesn't happen too often, but it's best to take them down ASAP. Push forward through the train car to the closed door. Once they're down, three more enemies will appear to your left--take down the one on the lower platform first, then hop back over the sign for cover as you destroy the remaining two. It's good knowing these for the Speedrun trophy. At any rate, climb out of the sewage onto the nearby walkway and follow your partner up the wall and through the doorway. A jutting wall to the left contains several red grip-points that can be used to lower yourself to a level below. After landing, quickly seek cover behind the low wall to target a few more enemies. Just take in the sights along the way and feel free to interact with the villagers. To disable the leaky pipe, climb the ladder just behind you and turn the valve there. Seek cover behind one of the nearby walls facing out and take them down--there aren't too many left. However, we suggest that you continue to hold onto the street sign here for cover as some enemies are about to storm in below. We suggest grabbing the crossbow from the base of the stairs then taking cover behind the low wall at the top, and use it to target the three easily visible enemies on the right, one after the other (they won't know what hit them). Once inside that carriage, you'll begin taking fire from a machine gunner station in the next car. Upon climbing the large truck, a big machine-gun toting baddie will appear. Once at the top of the fire escape, leap to the nearby signpost, then from there to an awning. Remain here until you notice an enemy ahead sit down on the log--sneak up behind him, take cover by the log, them perform a stealth takedown (be sure to grab his dropped gun too). Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos. Once at the rope, use it to swing to some more moss-covered stones on the left, then climb them up to a pole you can leap to. To get there, simply jump across a pair of wooden beams! Dart across the platform, but take cover as soon as some enemies drop in and focus on them first. The fork in the path directly at the start of this chapter presents the illusion of a maze of paths through the dense forest, but the route to the chateau isn't that complicated. Chapter 6: Knight Puzzle Solution. You'll wind up in a vast and beautiful area containing some ruins. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough Chart your way through Uncharted 2: Among Thieves with our full walkthrough, including hidden treasure locations. Uncharted 4 Chapter 12 Puzzle The Wheel Chamber Guide. After riding the vertical cog, you'll spot a large spinning wheel-type thing blocking the path. Easily the puzzle most want to skip in the series, this … Follow him up via the box he drops then trail him across a few platforms until you reach a snowy ridge. Either pull him off if he's close enough, or shoot him while hanging, then climb inside the truck bed. Chapter 6: Wall Tiles Puzzle Solution. Oh, and you can't take cover either! At the water tower, Elena will take off on her own for now. While you're doing this, another normal baddie may attack from a room to your right--take him down when you get a chance. Once switched, climb back up via the ladder to reunite with Chloe. When it fires missiles, it's crucial you take a moment to shoot those down first, before turning focus to the gunship. Once you've cleared them out, follow Elena through that area, up to a low wall that offers protection from a machine-gunner across the river--the goal is to take him down from behind, but there are some things you need to take care of first. Once there, ride along the top of the wheel to another walkway, then leap to the platform ahead and continue through the doorway to find a lever you can pull. In fact, the guy can't seem to get enough of the adrenaline rush and has found himself in an all new adventure, one of which will lead to many more brushes with death. Once he's down, take control of that machine gun and use it to rip through the remaining troops, such as those below, and on the nearby rooftop. Use the green wall for cover--as soon as the gunner pauses to reload, grab one of the explosive cannisters resting by the wall just behind you and toss it his way--detonating it mid-air--to take him down. Now approach said statue and insert your key into it, causing one of three blades to drop. As you do, some rocks will fall behind you, blocking you in. With the cameraman weighing you down, you won't be going anywhere fast. Phew! Once they're down, continue along the roof to the next train car. Two guards will soon begin patrolling the area--stealth kill the one that sits down on that same box just after the far one turns away--immediately after, take cover behind the box just ahead (on the left) and wait for the second guard to approach for another stealth kill. As such, you want to stay as far away as you can, while staying close enough to lure him to the sacs. Turn the left side orb so that the right side is black, move into place 3. For now, ignore the enemies and enter the first building on the left. Terms of Use and With the cylinders lowered, climb the stairs up to their level and leap to the first one. While hanging on for dear life, fire a few shots into the statue's glowing forehead to reveal another light source. Up ahead are a ton of soldiers, as well as a machine gunner. Shoot it to knock it down to drop the rope, using it to cross to the other side. Leap right the right edge of the snowy wall to another girder, then drop down to a t-section platform below. Move the character to the middle of the compass on the floor and jump up on to the statue that resembles an angel. Follow that to giant turning cog you can catch a ride on to a platform on the other side. Begin climbing it up the left, then the right--after it falls apart some more, leap to the wooden planks sticking out, then up the rest where Elena will pull you to safety. Dishonored 2 - Jindosh Riddle Puzzle Solution (Eureka Achievement) Nov 16, 2016 Guide on how to complete the Jindosh Riddle in Dishonored 2. As you step outside, you'll spot some guards below. Now drop to the next train car and use a box for cover as you tackle three enemies ahead. Inside, immediately seek cover behind the counter and start picking off the enemies out in the field (there should be some ammo to your right as well). A walkthrough, puzzle solution and treasure locations for Uncharted 4's Chapter 2: Infernal Place, which takes place in a prison in Panama. With the enemies down, drop off the left half of the ledge and follow the gray path on the ground into the next house. Because the tank rolls in ahead, make a right and immediately take cover behind a low wall on the left to target a few dudes beyond. Good--look for a busted section of the balcony you can hop over, putting you at eye level with the hotel's sign. 1. However, before you have the chance to do much of anything, he'll be mauled by some strange creature. Unfortunately, your old friend, the helicopter, will again roll in. Up ahead is a wall of wreckage. Hurry up and jump along the platforms until you reach one that collapses underneath your weight. Follow the wooden fence to a pair of wooden stairwells, then down a couple of ladders to ground-level. Having cleared the courtyard, open the door on the opposite side by turning the wheel. As Above, So Below is the eleventh chapter in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Beyond the gate is another guard-filled room, and you'll have to clear most of them out in order to proceed. Now watch your friend as he clambers across the wall using the embedded pipes, as you're about to do the same. Before long, you'll wind up on a platform that will begin tumbling--just stay on board and focus on avoiding a couple of enemies along for the ride. This Uncharted The Lost Legacy Puzzle Solutions Guide shows how to solve all story-related and optional puzzles in the game. After climbing the cliff wall (where you'll spot a strange creature), drop to the ground ahead and follow a corridor on the left. After climbing a tall staircase, take cover behind a pillar at the top to clear out the subsequent corridor. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Follow the walkway to another handrail-less section ahead you can leap over to an awning below. To exit the room, climb back up the wall that Chloe is facing. Just watch out for an enemy who may be waiting inside a small room on the left. What's an Uncharted game without a high-speed chase sequence involving tons of vehicles (never mind the fact this is only the second game in the series). The camera will pan out, revealing some ledges you can use to lower yourself to another walkway below. Once you've cleared the street, stock up on ammo before attempting to head further, as a truck equipped with a machine gun's about to roll in. Now immediately take control of that machine gun and use it to take down more enemies attacking from the stairs below, where you just came from. , Check out the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay reveal! Now clamber to the top of the train, then to the train car above. Climb the wall to the top, then leap to a girder on the left. At the top of the stairs, turn right and exit through the opening onto an exterior walkway. In this room, you'll find three raised cylinders on either side--climb up the grates just below to reach them. There's also an explosive cannister or two outside each of the windows that can be detonated to destroy nearby thugs. After some stuff happens, continue along the ledge to the right, then up to a red one, just above the statue's ear. Walk across the log to a large boulder you can push, providing Sully with a way up. Leap from the barrels at the end of the walkway to a second walkway on the right, where you'll find a train car. Apparently gaining super-human strength, that's what! Take cover along its thin side, as a guard lurks just around the corner. There's a short lull here, so use this time to grab the dropped ammo from the fallen enemies before returning to your place of cover. Now continue battling the creatures until the platform drops just in front of you--leap to it as soon as you can to being your ascent out of this room. Although things may seem quiet now, they won't be for long. Upon landing on the snowy ridge, look to the long chasm to the right. Well, no matter, you have bigger issues to worry now, such as the myriad of guards gunning for you! Follow them, swinging when necessary, around the building to a ledge just below an enemy--pull him off before pulling yourself up. Climb the bricks to you left to a red wooden beam you can sidle along to a walkway. With the coast finally cleared, meet up with Chloe down a side-street, just off the main street the truck parked at. To solve the puzzle, you need to go around to the front and interact with each of the crucifix statues to move the two beams of light they shine so they trigger the sensors on the doors. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. From it, leap to the rooftop behind it, then to another on the right--take the zip line there…even if it does break halfway. Toss Chloe up--she'll return the favor by dropping a box you can use to reach the ladder. Quickly seek cover--any cover that puts something between you and the chopper--for protection from its fire. Wait here for your friend to catch up and open the door for you. If it runs out of ammo, take cover by the adjacent sandbags and target whoever's left. If you can, try and grab either the dropped minigun or a shotgun, both of which can take down one quickly. Now clamber inside the open window. Now follow her lead up the wall, to a window. Shortly thereafter, some more of those creatures will roll in. Simply sneak up behind the closest one first, then the second, for a stealth kill each. Inside the building, drop to the lower level and continue up another staircase leading to an awning outside. At the halfway point, the bridge will collapse, leaving Nate hanging on for dear life. Make a flying leap toward the yellow handrail on the far train car and follow it down to a ledge that you can pull yourself onto. If you miss, don't worry--you can grab more nearby. Give your partner a boost over the wall here and follow him up when he kicks down the stone that can be used as a platform. Once they're down, climb the stairs and take cover by the low wall at the top to target two enemies rappelling down the left wall. Now you likely won't be able to take down the machine gunner from a distance, so follow the ridge of the central structure to provide a top-down view, allowing you target the gunner's exposed noggin. Cross over to a ladder ahead and follow the roof up to an enemy you can stealth kill. Now beware of a couple of enemies that may attach from a rooftop, opposite of where you leapt from--take 'em down asap. Don't even bother with them. Once you run out of crossbow bolts, we suggest grabbing the weapon you dropped from inside the house. Interact with it to knock it into position. The Chateau is the sixth chapter of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Now one of them is equipped with body armor, so go for his head--once you blow off his helmet, a single head shot will take him down. Grab his ammo then continue through the wreckage ahead to a closed door you can bust through. Looking for Uncharted 2 treasures locations, puzzles solutions and how to finish the game? Follow him through town to the far home, where you'll complete the chapter. Just ahead is another cutscene and the next chapter! To get around the blocked gate, leap to a signpost from the other end of the platform (even though it's parallel to the gate itself) then swing from the street lamp to the orange sign ahead. Once inside the old temple, take cover by the left side of the wall and remain here to stay out of sight while the hunters and soldiers battle it out below. Well, looks like your "friend" wasn't such a great buddy after all! Just past the door is a seemingly impassable span…but not for Nathan! However, if the enemies do notice your presence, use the logs for cover as you take them down. Climb up and continue up the fire escape, and enter the building. Along the way though, you'll encounter quite a few enemies. Following the flashback, press any button to have Nate regain his composure. After dropping down, take down the few enemies here. You'll encounter two soldiers just ahead. Like before, keep on the move whenever he releases one to avoid its fiery aftermath. Although there are six symbols displayed in your book, you can ignore the black and blue ones, as they don't correspond to anything. As soon as the closest one turns around, stealth kill him while your partner takes down the second. When you reach the locked door on the left, shoot the lock hanging from the chain, enabling you to slide the door open and exit back outside. Subsequently, use their ropes to climb over the wall and follow the path to the secret entrance, leading underground to the next chapter (look for a second set of stairs to either side of the first at the base). Climb that too, then leap from its right side to a blue pole on the nearby building. Take cover inside the doorway and wait for the helicopter to stop firing--as soon as it does, step out and fire a rocket at the chopper. Push forward across the snowy platforms to a cliff wall you can climb. Chapter 6: Semita Solis Puzzle Solution. With both soldiers down, continue up to another log ahead, where you'll spot two more enemies. Instead, simply run along the main path, sticking to the left side whenever the path seemingly branches. Now cross to the other side of the room, leaping rooftop to rooftop, and continue into the forest area beyond. Continue past and follow your friend up the stairs to a door he'll open. Up ahead is a statue that'll require teamwork to push off. Now once he's down, a third one will appear, this time lobbing grenades. Although it's missing a weight, Drake can fill in for that role. Remain here and target the inbound enemies, including a rocket-launcher on the left ledge ahead. Follow your partner's advice and head left. This guide to Uncharted 2 Among Thieves contains a complete set of information useful for completing all the chapters, finding all the secrets and unlocking the platinum trophy. You'll have to maneuver each into the same position as shown in the picture inside Drake's journal. Wow, a whole lot of stuff happened after you pulled that lever! With the coast clear, climb up a couple of wooden platforms on the left, then swing over to the walkway via the wooden pole. Be quick on the draw to take down a rocket launcher you'll encounter, then take cover on that same platform by the low wall on the right, allowing you to target the foes in the field below. Thankfully, your handy diary shows which shape goes with which painting. As you close in, a rocket will blow you to the ground--but on the upside, Elena will rejoin you. After just barely making it, follow your partner over another nearby railing, then off the other side. Once they're down, cross over it to another with a large truck. While hanging from it, leap to the next floor, just behind Drake. Drop to ground level via a couple of ledges on the right, then quickly run past the tank into that building (via the staircase) and look for some rocket launchers along the right wall--use them on the tank to destroy it once and for all! If you're having trouble, just run up to him and cap him from behind. Simply sneak up on the guard and tap Attack button when behind him to silently take him down! Once you have, wait for him to pause between reloads, then push forward to the box just below the tower for cover. With the bridge behind you, climb the staircase to a large snowy courtyard, where a large firefight awaits. You may want to relocate to a second wall on the left to better target the enemies on the right left. Now follow the tree directly to your right around to sneak up on a second enemy. Read his posts here and connect with him on Youtube. Enter the temple and drop through the hole inside. After tossing Elena up to it, follow her when she kicks down the box, then cross over to her when she repositions the plank. Anyway, continue up the staircase into a room at the top. Take cover inside the truck bed and target the enemies inside a second truck on the right. Continue into the hall, leading to a room with a locked door. Jump across the gap using a blue pole you can swing from and clamber up the wall. After climbing down the ladder, proceed into the ice tunnel and throw a couple of small gaps, up to a ledge. It'll blow up before long. Once on ground level, head up the street and make a left down a side-street. Watch out for one more enemy at the top too. Follow it to a ladder through the doorway that can be climbed up to the water tower. Follow the path--taking down a few enemies along the way--up to a split path. Thankfully, Nate and Sully will escape--quickly run down the path, avoiding the enemies if you can. After the cutscene, proceed into the back area just beyond it, which will cause two superhuman warriors to appear. If you run low on ammo, try checking for more behind any of the sandbag walls, which also serve as great cover-points. Dash for the next carriage, taking cover along the way if you need to regain health. Although the bridge will be destroyed, you've just triggered a checkpoint! Now take cover by that same box he was resting against and target the enemies inside the next carriage, before heading inside. Now just ahead is a stationed machine gunner that you'll want to sneak up on from behind. Andre Segers Take cover by the entrance to clear out the room, then quickly sneak up and take down the machine gunner on the left from behind. To reach it, climb the stairs where the two guards came through the door, and leap from the right-most edge of the balcony to an awning. With the street cleared, shoot the lock off the red door and open it to regroup with Chloe. A short ways into the forest area, you'll encounter a weird blue substance growing on some trees. …well, not for long! Once inside, head right and leap to the light pole, swinging from it to the adjacent building. With the two minigun guys down, more enemies will flood in. Once at the far end, climb the pipe as high as you can, then leap to the nearby ledge by tilting the control stick toward it and tapping jump. To fight, simply tap the 'attack' button repeatedly. New Gameplay for you of uncharted 2. Chapter 11: Moon Puzzle Solution. But not Nathan Drake. Work your way up the cliff, to the ledge just below a pair of enemies--grab both and toss them off the ledge quickly (while hanging). Take cover behind one of the overturned tables inside and target the enemies beyond. After pulling yourself up, continue onward to a broken ladder. Just beyond are two more; kill them before dropping off the ledge and then climbing the tall wall ahead. Puzzles Video Guide This video contains all puzzles: Chapter 4 Puzzles Trident Fort Puzzle The trident fort is in the south-east of the map, at the top of […] Here's your chance to become more acquainted with your combat abilities. Follow the wall left to a wheel you can ride to a walkway below. After latching on, head left and jump for the platform. Climb up the orange train car on the far side (via the boxes just in front of it), then leap to another on the left using the boxes by the window. As soon as you've killed the machine gunner, take control if it asap, as a ton of enemies are inbound from the other side of the river. Now follow the dock left up to another box--take cover and use this position to pick off the final two enemies with your weapons. Uncharted 3 marks another great entry to the series, but also another round of sore headaches. Before taking either path, check each corridor and take down three enemies before proceeding--one of whom is shielded (try to sneak up behind him from either side for an easy kill). Clamber up the closed gate to a wooden panel above and sidle left along it and leap to the walkway. From here, you can target the enemies ahead, and perhaps even the machine gunner if he reveals himself. Accompanied on this quest by allies both old and new, Drake is forced to confront crises of loyalty and betrayal within an underworld of smugglers and thieves. What's that? Now hold forward on the control stick to begin swinging, then tap jump to leap to the train, grabbing hold of a ledge. Climb them to the top-right corner and use the yellow ledge to grab hold of the roof's edge above. From the fire escape, leap to the nearby platform, where Elena will discover a blocked gate. If you've stopped close to one to wait for Lazarevic, make sure you're far enough away that he can't use it against you. Now two more remain on the upper walkway--it's too difficult to try and sneak up on them, so take cover behind a log and pick 'em off with your pistol.