Az Emperor egy 1991-ben alakult norvég black metal együttes. In an interview with Metal Injection, Gaahl discussed the metal community’s reaction to his coming out, saying, ​“I think the metal community is one of the most open communities there is. Kein Geringerer als Bård Faust Eithun stand meinen Fragen Rede und Antwort und ließ dabei auch den einen … Gaahl Says Emperor’s Faust Was His First Supporter When He Came Out As Gay In a new interview, Gaahl reveals that Faust, who murdered a gay man, supported … [Editor’s note: Not sure where this story comes from. May 28 2013 . Vs. European Record Release Dates, Someone Made a Lemmy Doll from a Mr. Potatohead, Advanced Discrimination & Dragons: A Critical Look at Varg Vikernes’ Myfarog RPG. A műfaj egyik legelismertebb és az egyik legnagyobb hatású zenekara, [1] [2] [3] a szimfonikus black … However, Ihsahn, in a post-90s interview, attributed his ties to Satanism as being part of his adolescence. However, Faust has said in the past that he did not target Andreassen because he was gay, but only used his sexuality to lure him to the spot where he murdered him. Also includes Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Deftones, Megadeth, and more. Pit in association with Nordic Spirit at Blondies, our favourite East London dive bar. The drummer was ultimately sentenced to 14 years for stabbing a man 37 times. But my reply to that was ‘Okay, we can all have individual souls and ideas about what is the right penance for a crime.’ Some think the death penalty is okay, some think it should be milder, but in Europe we don’t have the death penalty. Bard “Faust” Eithun, convinced of the brutal murder of a gay man, is being celebrated as a headliner at a major metal festival. During a recent interview for The MetalSucks Podcast, we went ahead and asked him: If somebody just got into Emperor right now, and they heard of the hate crime that Faust committed, and then they see that you guys reunited together on stage like you did for the Nightshade Eclipse reunion tour, they might think that you’re giving Faust a pass for his past actions. Faust Interview Bård Guldvik Eithun (Faust) from Emperor, etc. The drummer was ultimately sentenced to 14 years for stabbing a man 37 times. Performer – Faust (2), Ihsahn, Samoth, Tchort ... lyrics for the album tracks, and an interview with the band members about the making of the album. Heraus kam dabei ein ziemlich dreckiger Brocken Punk, der hält, was der Bandname verspricht. You really don’t get to choose. I would like it be more relaxed. Known for his spike- and blood-covered performances and for hissing, ​“SATAN” in Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, Gaahl is to many the epitome of evil. During a recent interview for The MetalSucks Podcast, we went ahead and asked him: If somebody just got into Emperor right now, and they heard of the hate crime that Faust committed, and then they see that you guys reunited together on stage like you did for the Nightshade Eclipse reunion tour, they might think that you’re giving Faust a pass for his past actions. Seit 2003 ist er nicht mehr inhaftiert. We have a justice system that says for this crime, you serve that amount of time. from cat.n.bone Samoth was jailed 16 months for taking part in church burnings with Varg Vikernes , along ... Faust: Drums (1992-1994, 2013-2014) Interview mit Bård "Faust" Eithun zu "Gospels For The Sick" Interview. People thought that by us doing that, we were condoning the actions he did in the past, and the potential audience would be condoning it by watching the show with him on stage. You hear stories of Mötley Crüe in the 80s, who had twelve-year-old girls on the rider, which is far less than okay. Furthermore, the author Moynihan is a rather questionable person. According to Vikernes, the anonymous interview was planned by himself and Euronymous. Of course, they are linking things back to the early days with Dissection and Faust and Emperor. He also described it as an ​“impulse killing” that had ​“nothing to do with black metal.”, In the interview, Gaahl is also asked if metalheads have started coming out to him since he revealed his sexuality, to which he replies, ​“I’ve had several people, especially in eastern Europe. It’s a pity to see that they have to have some one like me pushing them forth.”. Emperor va ser una formació noruega de black metal creada el 1991, considerada una de les més influents en aquest gènere musical. Emperor drummer Faust also lived and worked there. The dude is undeniably a major talent; his work with the legendary Emperor alone secured his place in the metal history books, but as icing on the cake, his solo output has been fairly incredible, too. He added that the interview revealed nothing that could prove his involvement in any crime. In a recent interview with Britain's Rock Sound magazine, AMEN frontman Casey Chaos spoke about his SCUM project, which also features in its ranks Samoth (ZYKLON, EMPEROR), Bård G. Eithun (a.k.a. 1992 veröffentlichte die Band eine Demoaufnahme namens Wrath of the Tyrant. If there was a sincere expression of regret, a public apology to the media, do you think it would be fulfilling for people, or that it wouldn’t matter anyway? [redigér på Wikidata] Bård G. "Faust" Eithun (født 21. april 1974) er en norsk trommeslager. Interviews; SCUM . Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS | Subscribe to The MetalSucks Podcast! The ultimate true Norwegian black metal playlist, If you burn a church, you’ve learned nothing from black metal, Here’s how You Me At Six made their new album SUCKAPUNCH in Thailand, The Pretty Reckless recruit Tom Morello for explosive new single, And So It Went. “The first person to send me a message after the media caught up with me being gay, was Faust,” he continues. your own Pins on Pinterest Is there anything that you would like to say about the projects you have been involved with lately? People aren’t going to say ‘Oh, it’s so nice now that you’ve regretted everything and you’ve changed your ways.’ Of course I’ve changed as a person, but my intentions and my reasons for doing the music that I do, dealing with the existential questions that I write about, is very much the same as when I started out. Video: BTBAM Guitarist Watches Fan YouTube Covers! That is the question. Faust) (ex-EMPEROR), Happy Tom (TURBONEGRO), and Cosmocrator (MINDGRINDER).Asked if he ever addressed Faust's past with him (the drummer was jailed in 1994 for arson, burglary, and murder, … An sich keine uninteressante Sache: Fünf nicht ganz unbekannte Musiker mit teils sehr unterschiedlichem musikalischen Background gründen eine Band mit dem einzigen Ziel, abseits ihrer Vollzeitbands mal richtig die Sau rauszulassen. In a May 2012 interview with Gun Shy Assassin, Ihsahn stated about the possibility of more EMPEROR live performances in the future: "After 2007, that was really a final chapter for all of us. When the reality of a situation fades into memory the myth takes over. It’s just that everybody around it have changed how they want to relate to it. Video: Dragonforce’s Herman Li Watches Fan YouTube Covers! old copy of eldest interview from prison. Bård Guldvik Eithun (* 21. Worst Year Ever: All of Our 2010 Year-End Sh*t in One Place, Rigged: Slipknot Percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan, On U.S. ​“He sent me a message of support. In an interview with UK Magazine Terrorizer, Ihsahn hinted at the possibility of another Emperor album, but stated that Emperor is now a side project. Additionally, there are F.W. Abschaum? In addition of lifting weights and taking care of your mail, are you busy with any other sort of doings? Emperor: Ihsahn a 2007-es Hellfest fesztiválon. That is because mythology brings with it dangers. I was never a Satanist or fascist in any way, but I put behind me the hatred and … The Interview | Fashion’s New Emperor: Fausto Puglisi. You Me At Six have released a new mini documentary diving into the making of their new LP, SUCKAPUNCH. Murnau’s 1926 Faust film and a Faust novel by Thomas Mann. In the interview he said he was never a fascist, but is less negative than in older days, but in the The Lodge interview, … Ihsahn discusses Emperor, the scary days of black metal and progressing as a solo artist. Discover (and save!) It’s like a big author with alcohol problems – does that affect the quality of their writing? You can have your individual perceptions of whether that is fair or not, but if it’s morally okay for the bureaucratic legal system, and it’s still not morally right enough for you, or politically correct enough for you, maybe black metal isn’t for you. 1993 wurde er verhaftet und wegen Mordes zu 14 Jahren Haft verurteilt.Seit 2003 ist er nicht mehr inhaftiert. Emperor Zyklon Scum: Påvirket af: Dave Lombardo: Instrumenter; Trommer: Information med symbolet hentes fra Wikidata. TURBONEGROs Bassist Happy Tom, der AMEN-Sänger Casey Chaos, der MINDGRINDER-Boss Cosmocreator sowie die beiden ehemaligen EMPEROR … Heraus kam dabei ein ziemlich dreckiger Brocken Punk, der hält, was der Bandname verspricht. Pictured from left to right: Samoth, Ihsahn, and Trym Torson. Bård G. "Faust" Eithun (født 21. april 1974) er en norsk trommeslager.Han er bedst kendt for sit tidlige arbejde med black metal-bandet Emperor, specielt på ep'en As the Shadows Rise og debutalbummet In the Nightside Eclipse.Han skriver også sangteksterne til andre bands, deriblandt supergruppen Zyklon Still, some of us have felt hesitant to support Ihsahn in light of the fact that he has never publicly decried his Emperor bandmates Samoth (né Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen) and Faust (né Bård Eithun). National Socialist black metal, also known as NSBM, Aryan black metal, and Neo-Nazi black metal, is a political movement and sub-genre within the black metal music scene that promotes neo-Nazism, and Fascist and white supremacist ideologies. The shop's walls were painted black and bedecked with medieval weapons, posters of bands, and picture discs, while its … It’s been a lot of people coming up to me and it is something as simple as that, by all means, be yourself. Held in place by the masses’ silent acceptance, the imperial injustice system’s stronghold loses its … Selecciona Tus Preferencias de Cookies. Norwegische Black Metal Legenden spielen Punk. Keep it relatively civil, please. with my former band Emperor I chose this band particularly because it would be the big… Also: Ihsahn, Leprous, Bad Religion, Death Angel, Butcher Babies, Demon Hunter and even more! Jean-Baptiste Soulard : la vidéo “Dernier Bar avant… Mélie Fraisse : le clip de “Paris” Chroniques d’albums from cat.n.bone Faust Interview Bård Guldvik Eithun (Faust) from Emperor, etc. April 1974 ), auch bekannt unter seinem Pseudonym Faust, ist ein norwegischer Schlagzeuger. 2 pages. If somebody from your family does something like that, that’s just a part of the person you know. Band members Bård G. Eithun (21 de Abril de 1974) é um baterista norueguês, conhecido pelo pseudônimo de Bård Faust ou apenas Faust.Faust foi baterista do Emperor no início dos anos 90, lançando com a banda os álbuns As the Shadows Rise e In the Nightside Eclipse.Ele também escreve letras para outras bandas, incluindo o Zyklon. It defines someone. We just have to admit to ourselves that we have different parameters for the people close to us than those who are distant. Not at all. Neither has been particularly repentant in public; the last time Samoth seems to have spoken about his crime was in 1996, when he said that “I still stand by the concept of” church burning, while Faust only did slightly better in 2008, claiming that “I put behind me the hatred and negativity” which led to Andreassen’s murder without commenting on the bigoted nature of his crime itself. Samoth, who is still a member of Emperor, was once convicted of burning down a church, while Faust, who performed with Emperor as recently as 2014,  was convicted of murdering a gay man, Magne Andreassen. Kromě toho se věnoval psaní textů pro jiné skupiny, například Zyklon. Neben Samoth und Faust gaben sich auf dem Debütalbum des Allstar-Konglomerats unter anderem Nocturno Culto und Mortiis die Klinke in die Hand. Az Emperor egy 1991-ben alakult norvég black metal együttes. Emperor est un groupe de black metal norvégien, originaire de Notodden, dans le Comté de Telemark.Formé en 1991, le groupe est considéré comme un des pionniers du black metal symphonique [1], [2], [3].Il se sépare en 2001, puis se réunit en 2005 jusqu'en 2007, pour quelques dates de tournées nord-américaines, puis se réunit de nouveau en 2014. The goal, he says, was to scare people, promote black metal and get more customers for Helvete. Während ihrer Schaffensphase von 1991 bis 2001 entstanden 4 Alben, welche an Genialität kaum zu übertreffen sind. Anyway, I decided to make a mega-in-depth-chaos deathcult-interview (!) Interview with Bard Faust 2000. Consultado em 30 de maio de 2008. Was there ever a moment when you told yourself “I have to be okay with what these guys did in the past” before performing with them? Of those metal musicians who have publicly come out of the closet as gay, one of the more interesting — and, for some, unexpected — was Gaahl, former frontman of Gorgoroth and, more recently, of his own project Gaahl’s WYRD. Utilizamos cookies y herramientas similares para mejorar tu experiencia de compra, prestar nuestros servicios, entender cómo los utilizas para poder mejorarlos, y para mostrarte anuncios. But we got some criticism, especially for bringing Faust with us on stage. [citation needed] In 2014, Emperor attracted further controversy when the original drummer, Faust, joined them for live performances. S kapelou nahrál její první album nazvané In the Nightside Eclipse. All content created & copyright © 2021 Metal Sucks. Interview with Bard Faust 2000. Das sagt er im Interview mit dem Münchner Merkur. Emperor Interview with Faust 2000 You told me you were attending classes in prison, so tell me about the environment on a daily basis and what is it that you are studying? Im gleichen Jahr veröffentlichte Ihsahn eine CD mit den Demoaufnahmen … Listen to And So It Went, the killer new single by The Pretty Reckless featuring Tom Morello. Nov 2, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Demorgas©. May 11, 2020 - black metal + avant garde artpop + wife = screw you guys, Peccatum is GREAT. Nach einigen Demos, welche heute ebenfalls Kultstatus besitzen, veröffentlichte die Überband rund um Ihsahn und Samoth ihr Debütalbum. [citation needed] In 2014 Emperor attracted further controversy when the original drummer, Faust, joined them for live performances. Samoth (bürgerlich Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen) ist ein norwegischer Metal-Musiker.Er ist insbesondere als Gitarrist der Band Emperor bekannt.. Leben. I can understand from an outside point of view, you see a person that committed a crime, and then that’s all you know about a person. Band members Because it’s never been that.”, It should be noted that Faust murdered a gay man, Magne Andreassen, in the woods outside of Lillehammer, Norway, in 1992. People’s perceptions and attitudes towards me and what we’re doing have always been what they chose it to be. According to the book, Faust rather wanted to kill somebody (he was fascinated with death, which is not unusual for a black metaller) than did it because of homophobia. So people can imagine whatever they want, I don’t know anyone in the Norwegian black metal scene that is against gays. It probably wouldn’t matter. But I can see how hard it is. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed. Norwegische Black Metal Legenden spielen Punk. Emperor. INTERVIEW BY HEATHER WILLIAMS Trym Torson (real name Kai Johnny Mosaker) is best known of his blast beats and double-bass drumming skills from such bands as Emperor, Zyklon and Enslaved. Erst nach Goethes Tod im Jahr 1832 wird Faust II veröffentlicht: Dort erlebt der Gelehrte eine wahre Odyssee durch alle Sphären der Welt. 1991 gründete Samoth mit Ihsahn (Vegard Sverre Tveitan) die Band Thou Shalt Suffer, die Death Metal mit Keyboards spielte. It’s an extremely liberal scene. All images are © their respective owners. Created to give humans hope, something to blame our shit on or answer questions that we cannot actually find the answers to. In my experience, it has never really mattered what we did or what we said. Country of origin: Norway Location: Notodden, Vestfold og Telemark Status: Active Formed in: 1991 Genre: Symphonic Black Metal Lyrical themes: Divination, Nature, Mythology, Individualism, Mysticism Current label: Candlelight Records Years active: 1991-2001, 2005-2007, 2013-2014, 2016-present . Faust is a convicted murderer and caused some upset by being part of the shows. Why is this happening? ... Then it turned out I could also play some drums on an Emperor cover (“The Majesty of the Nightsky”) they play for the album. -Religion is NOTHING. So did Ihsahn ever feel any hesitation to work with these guys again? By Mythic Imagination. Who's Searching for Yo . However, before Samoth has to do time, the band managed to put together a new line-up, with new bass-player Alver, and a session-drummer. When people decided we were crap, they treated us as such, and when they decided we were successful, they wanted to be a part of it. Pit in association with Nordic Spirit at Blondies, our favourite East London dive bar. I have never seen any disturbances there. It’s so extremely limiting, in the sense of ​‘why would anyone care?’ But it’s more frustrating for me to see that people actually have to have some one tell them that it’s okay. I told the guys I hadn`t played for over 7 years so I needed 5 minutes to get warm. If you haven’t already heard of Fausto Puglisi, it’s about time you did. There is one jaw-dropping moment in the book where Rygg describes being picked up in 1993 for the murder of Magne Andreassen, a crime actually committed by the drummer of fellow black metallers Emperor, Bard ‘Faust’ Eithun. ... « Interview with Emperor 1996. Listen to the entire interview below, then head to the comments section to discuss. Emperor (1992-1994, 2014) Eithun is best known for his work with early black metal band Emperor , especially on the releases As the Shadows Rise and the groundbreaking In the Nightside Eclipse . Han er bedst kendt for sit tidlige arbejde med black metal-bandet Emperor, specielt på ep'en As the Shadows Rise og debutalbummet In the Nightside Eclipse. Ihsahn on Former Emperor Bandmate Faust: “Once... Earthless Drummer Mario Rubalcaba Shares His Ten Favorite..., This Weekend’s Top Metal Livestreams: The Black Dahlia Murder, Clutch, Enslaved, Every Time I Die and More, Marilyn Manson Responds to Ex-Girlfriend’s Allegations, Doja Cat Plagiarizes Plini, and More Stories You May Have Missed This Week, Singing With or Without Gum: Members of Lamb of God, Trivium, Emperor, and More Debate. EMPEROR, ein Bandname, welcher heute fast ehrfurchtsvoll ausgesprochen wird. Eithun agreed to go with him to the nearby woods and stabbed Andreassen 37 times. May 24, 2019 - Stephen O'Malley gave me the honour of letting me speak in this excellent rag and I thought it would be interesting doing some "journalistic piece or art" again. «Interview with former Emperor drummer Faust». Ihre Popularität im Untergrund zog die Aufmerksamkeit des damals neuen Plattenlabels Candlelight Records auf sich. It’s been well documented that Mötley Crüe had twelve-foot-boa-constrictors on their rider, but unless that was code for something, the band requesting underage girls is news to us.]. It’s like saying you condone drug use if you like Jimi Hendrix. Emperor would suffer the temporary loss of Samoth and the permanent loss of Faust, due to prison-sentences. Salem – the band that features Creeper frontman Will Gould – played The K! Should he be harder on Faust and Samoth, or, having served their time, are they indeed deserving of a fresh beginning? According to Eithun, while walking home from a pub through the Olympic park, a well known gay-cruising spot, Andreassen drunkenly approached him and solicited him for sex. Euronymous, Varg, and Emperor guitarist Tomas 'Samoth' Haugen all lived at Helvete at various times.