He is the youngest adopted son of Dr. Jan-Harm Pol and Diane Pol. @Silvrfox2u, I envy you if you’ve truly never seen such viciousness in commentary-about ANYTHING! When you see more #DrPol episodes were added to #DisneyPlus just in time for the weekend ? Husband. Charles alongside his sister  Kathy Pol was adopted by Dr. Jan Pol and his wife Diane Pol right from the birth. All contribute to the education of the masses about reality and rural life in North America. If you don’t like the show, use you off button. He has done his degree in major communication from the University of Miami. Pol is surprised that the show became a hit "watched by everybody—all kinds of life, all ages, big family show, and I think this is what is so fantastic.” He credits his son Charles, who is the series producer, and who successfully pitched the series to National Geographic. So calling them uneducated is incorrect. I crack up. If Dr. Pol is not on, we will watch Dr. Oakley or Dr. Buckey Bottoms. The cast includes Dr. Jan Pol, Charles Pol, Diane Pol, Dr. Emily Thomas, DR. Brenda Grettenberger. He is also known for work in TV series The Legend of Sheriff Gus Skinner (2013) and Calling Dr. Pol (2014). They have dated and known each other since they were little kids. I do understand those people that are in pain crying when loosing their animals. He loves watching Doc..Pol as do I. My heart broke in millions pieces when my dogo died on Christmas day 2017. Charles Pol - Age, Bio, Faces and Birthday. Further his recent commitment with girlfriend clearify the answer. You love and are loved by your family after watching all seasons twice it’s very visible that u are good man son husband and daddy now. Joan said it all. Who said? RICK f. Charles is a genius! He was born on March 6, 1979, in Central Michigan. En ce qui concerne sa formation, Adam a étudié à l'école primaire St. Stanislaus, à l'école primaire MacGregor et à Holy Family Middle. It must be sad walking around in their skin, never happy, always finding fault in others. He was born and brought up in Central Michigan with his sister and adopted parents. If I don’t like a show I don’t watch it but I don’t trash it with nasty comments. Charles loved helping his father. Quick Summary: Full name: Jan-Harm Pol. He attended the University of Miami for the major communication he was a pretty decent and hardworking student. Charles Pol, age 40, is not the biological son of the veterinarian Jan Pol. U make Bath happy u make ur parents happy and that’s what matters most, Your email address will not be published. But after Dating Beth and getting engaged to her these rumors did not found any proof. It was her opinion. Beth Oakes is also a local from Michigan. We need more wholesome programs today instead of some of garbage we have to endure. He along with his sister Kathy Pol was adopted from an orphanage by Dr. Pol and his wife Mrs. Kathy Pol. He along with his sister Kathy Pol was adopted from an orphanage by Dr. Pol and his wife Mrs. Kathy Pol. This is for Melody Monahan JULY 11, 2020……..I personally love the Dr. Pol show and everybody on it (no matter how goofy somebody is)…… BUT…….in all my life, I’ve never seen people SO vicious posting comments! I hope he doesn’t think he is fooling everyone!! Your a fuckin idiot! He has a great demeanor, I watch the show religiously……….learned so much about animals and amazing how some of their ailments are very much like our humans are. The information regarding their biological parents is still not known to anyone. Charles Pol is an American actor and TV personality popular for his appearance in The Incredible Dr. Pol. The truth is some people are cruel bitter and nasty to others self-absorbed and self-centered who abuse right to free speech just to criticize and put other people down. Keep your negativity and cruelty to yourself!! Charles, who shares a strong bond with Jan, is the adopted son in the family. It’s a great show. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it – you don’t have to be so nasty about it just turn your channel and let the rest of us enjoy it! Where’s your brain. Charles pol is a famous American producer and actor. Love the rest of the people. He has a sister Kathy Pol. So sad. And again: thank God kids aren’t in school! Charles aux commandes - L'incroyable Dr Pol : Malgré ses 70 ans, le Dr Pol porte assistance à tous types d'animaux. I wonder how much of Pol’s money goes towards Trumps campaign…. And this is just simple comments not a spelling contest so man just take a chill not everyone finished college or even highschool. she wants to spend more time with her children & I don’t blame her 4 wanting to that !!!!!!!! All the children in Pol family are adopted with daughter Kathy and son Charles at birth and daughter Diane when she was 18 years of age. Charles reminds me so much of Mikey from American Chopper’s. Charles Pol is an American actor and producer famous for his work in the show The Incredible Dr. Pol. He used to assist Dr.Pol at the clinic, helping out on farm calls and taking care of the vast number of pets and farm animals they had. He was born on March 6, 1979, in Central Michigan. As for what you think he should be doing on the farm calls, as I stated before Charles is not a farmer or vet. You can tell that she puts a high value on life. Today I would make different decisions because of Dr.Pol. Birth Sign : Pisces Nationality : American: Ethnicity : Caucasian: Net Worth : $1 million: Hair Color : Light Gray: Eye Color : Black He is famous for his work in the show The Incredible Dr. Pol which was aired on Nat Geo Wild Channel. Good Lord, I’ve said my piece on this column: usually I don’t, but i can see from just scanning thru the comments the level of hated is really rising in this world, and it is scary! Before Dr. Brenda left, she had been the viewer’s favorite cast. We lake Charles and think it is nice to see other parts of their lives such as the fairs, contests and trips to the Netherlands. You can tell he loves his parents very much and his wife. Both the siblings were adopted by Dr. Jan Pol and Diane Pol right from the birth and there are no reports available about their biological parents. My parents sometimes give me hard time too for looking”toohealthy” but I don’t take this as a psychological abuse just mom being mom. Actor and producer Charles Pol was born under the star sign of Pisces on 6 th March 1979, in Farm County, Central Michigan USA. I’ve never seen them pick on Diane Jr like they do Charles, even though she’s heavier, but again, I’m sure editing has a lot to do with it. I love the scenes of the wildlife and drives through the countryside. But you do see Charles helping his Dad with every project he has at Dr. Pol’s house. Many rumors came in the front foot where the name was Charles was also associated with Kelly his common friend. Early years . The whole show is perfect to me. Is Charles Pol still Married to Beth? Now at present, she is a single mother residing in Michigan … That is interesting enough. He also appeared in a show called Sheriff Legend Gus Skinner in 2013 and another show by the name Calling Dr. Pol which aired in 2014. I am an 82 year old retired Dutch born Canadian man, married for 59 years. If we came across the relationship status of Charles Pol, he got engaged to Beth Oaks who was his Childhood friend. His father Jan Pol has more than 50k followers and he is more active than Charles. The personalities and dialogues are terrific and work well together. Dr. Pol and his wife have two children who were adopted. I believe that the show is honest and sincere. He used to spend a lot of time playing with animals and spending time in nature with his two brothers and three sisters. https://marrieddivorce.com/celebrity/charles-pol-wedding-wife-baby.html This is a great show. Charles Pol is an undeniable idiot, ignorant, and a simpleton; a rich one at that, embarrassingly, but we feed the lowest common denominator. I do not condone the filthy language used in the comments, especially concerning Charles. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Charles Pol was born in Central Michigan USA, on 6 March 1979, so under the zodiac sign of Pisces and holding American nationality – he is mostly popular for being an adoptive son of Dr. Pol, and for being part of the main cast of Dr. Pol’s reality TV show entitled “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. I love this show and the cast as well. It is taking up too much airtime on NatGeo wild…, Seriously… a FREAKING Dr Pol marathon??? Your allowed your opinion but keeping it to yourself will make you look better. However, theres a lot more going on with Charles, and if you want to l… Charles Pol Biography, Age, Height, Family, Salary, Net Worth & Images. What we DO see is probably good-natured family joking that can easily be taken out of context if you aren’t super-familiar with the family. Early life Charles was born on March 6, 1979, under the THE FAMILY HAS A GREAT RELATIONSHIP. And she was a teacher or cafeteria lady surrounded by highschool kids or ER nurse or receptionist who needs to take lots of abuse from other people because they waited 45 min in the waiting room with a sniffy nose. [citation needed] Pol is color blind, unable to correctly distinguish certain colors like green and red. I can see where the root of the problem is for bullying in school: it’s not the kids fault, it’s what the PARENTS do in teaching their kids to spew such garbage. U just contradicted yourself. Charles Pol is TV star known as the cast of the reality tv show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol“. Charles Pol: Quick Facts. The Incredible Dr. Pol: Charles Pol, son of Dr. Pol himself is married to his wife, Beth Oakes. I’m shocked at how he manages to stay positive as much as he does. He has worked hard and he also is appreciated for his work. When one is smart, one often questions one’s own actions. Dr. Pol, on the other hand, earns $30,000 for every episode of the show. Thank you Dr. pol. He’s funny. Beth Oakes is also a local from Michigan. His other sister Diane Jr. started living with Dr. Jan Pol and his wife from the age of eight as a foster child. My wife and I watch all possible episodes of Dr. Jan Pol rather than the crap that comes out of Hollywood. Charles was always attracted to the charm of Hollywood and undoubtedly he is one of the most successful actors in the industry. There were many strong speculations that Charles is Gay but they got away when he got married Beth Oaks. Other members of his team were also appreciated. Growing up she alongside her siblings assisted Dr.Pol with Vet service and also joined in farm calls. From an early age, he developed a love for animals, working alongside his father at his clinic. Jan Harm-Pol was born September 4, 1942 in Drenthe in the Netherlands, and he was raised in a simple family, who charrished nature and animals and who had their own little dairy farm. Charles gives commentary sometimes on a case from the perspective of what he is doing or what is going on. But we will assume he didn’t go to the Dr., now if he had a sprain before he would know to stay off his foot for a couple days or even common sense would tell you to stay off your foot for a couple days. He was born on 6th March 1979 in Central Michigan. Your email address will not be published. The three of you are probably ugly with sits. Those moments in the show make me feel ill because on one hand, a life lesson that’s being presented is: Take care of and love your animals. Folks: if you don’t like a program, shut your mouth and walk away. Charles pol is an actor and a co-executive producer of the family show “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” Charles released the news that he is now engaged to his fiancée Beth. Charles is very dedicated to his work and from the initial stage, he has worked hard. Dr Jan Pol Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Weight. Jan Pol (né le 4 septembre 1942 à Wateren , aux Pays-Bas), a étudié la médecine vétérinaire à l' Université d'Utrecht , obtenant son diplôme en 1970.Déménagé avec sa femme Diane à Harbor Beach, Michigan , et Pol a travaillé pour un vétérinaire pendant plus de 10 ans. I feel kinda bad for Charles. After ten years with the family, she was officially adopted at the age of 18. All of the Pol children are adopted, daughter Kathy and son Charles at birth and daughter Diane at age 17, after having been the Pol's foster child for eight years. The two maintained friendship in teenage years and as grown-ups too. He used to assist Dr. Jan Pol at the clinic, helping out on farm calls and taking care of the vast number of pets and farm animals. Charles Pol is Dr. Pol's son and his handy sidekick on the veterinary reality show. Charles Pol has been emerging more and more in the recent seasons of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol‘ making him even more famous. I don’t see any kids in my neighborhood doing much. Dr. Pol Staff 2020 Dr. Jan Ham Pol: Jan Pol who also is known as Dr. Pol is the flag bearer of the Pol Vet Services. Charles does slip back into child mode sometimes with his attention seeking moaning and groaning, but he is frequently trying to impress his dad with expensive gifts. You really must not have watched much of the show because Dr. Pol is the star of the show, then the other Dr’s, Dr. Emily, Dr. Brenda. I always cringe when Charles does something silly or somewhat lazy, but I especially hate it when he gets fat-shamed by his mom. Oui (Charles Pol, Kathy Pol, Diane Jr.) Rencontre / Petite amie (Nom): N / A: Profession: Acteur de télé-réalité, vétérinaire: Fortune en 2021: 1,5 million de dollars: Dernière mise à jour: Janvier 2021: L’incroyable Dr Pol est un homme qui sauve des vies pour de nombreux animaux car … shame on u she is typical mom who worries of her baby boy (he is spoiled as a youngest kid) it’s not mean at all this is their family dynamics and it works wonderfully everyone is at ease actually motivated Charles to go biking and get female trainer. I don’t care how much Charles is worth he is “GROSE”. I love watching the the show….My favorite dr. on the show was Emily & now she left to live in Virginia, so she doesn’t have to do farm calls…. Charles u may Sayers possess a master’s is ex producer of incredible doc lol show 10+ years running and u call him an idiot ? Poll and his colleagues. 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