When I try it on I just feel; "meh". I am sad to say I will no longer be rebuying this & I wanted to warn people to not just rebuy this blindly(like me) when they run out to be careful before they buy. After smelling it on a friend who was wearing it during a hike, of all things...I asked what perfume she was wearing and when she said it was Lancome LVEB I thought ‘Oh wow, how could this sweet, mainstream, fragrance appeal to me? There is absolutely a good reason why it is the reigning queen of fragrance right now.. it just smells good, plain and simple. It was as good when it released and wasn't popular than now. I only get a whiff of vanilla towards the very end or when I exhale after breathing in the perfume. Not too florally, I don’t care if it is one of the most popular perfumes out there, I love it. It's too cloying sweet for me, I like more in between perfumes, I really don't go for fruitchouli's either. İlk çıktığı zamanlarda uzun süreler kullandım bir dönem imza kokumdu.. gerçekten çok kalıcı bir parfüm.. bana göre 3 mevsim (ilkbahar sonbahar kış) rahatlıkla kullanılır bir koku.. evet benzerleri çok var doğru fakat benim bu parfümü çok sevdiğim gerçeğini değiştirmiyor.. To me, this is like being bludgeoned over the head by something tooth-rottingly sweet and synthetic. I personally would have to get this perfume a 6/10. No, thank You very much! Plus the patchouli dry down is not my favorite. I don't know how people smell "sexy" in a fragrance but to me this is not at all sexy. And there it remains. Overtly sweet, generic, bad. Alors quoiqu’il arrive j’relève la tête, sa d’mande beaucoup d’effort. I'm wearing it as I type. There is nothing beautiful about this scent, it’s agressive and brutal, eternal (why is it that the worst smells bear the longest) and immature. This must be the epitome, the quintessence of cloying, sugary, heart sickening sweetness. Like, I can smell it on my sheets when I wash them at the end of the week strong. The flacon is a redesigned version of the classic Lancome bottle from 1949. Like right now I'm listening to a song by Carole King on the radio; I recognize that she's got a great voice, but it bugs me and I'm glad when the song is over. I'm usually one for more complex oriental/woody/green fragrances, which La Vie Est Belle is not. It smells cheap. It doesn’t overwhelm the other notes and adds the right amount of spice IMO. And the smell itself has changed. And the lasting power, wow! The fragrance has a glass like texture that appeals to me (as opposed to JPG's La Belle, which I found to be coarse and fuzzy). Can I be 100% honest with you guys? This is going to be a pass for me. I can’t find anything redeeming about it besides the strong projection, but even then with a fragrance this intensely nauseating that is a huge con for me. Le sourire sur la face et toujours cool :D So, I will definitely check that one out. Quality is great. I’m sorry, but I’ve never felt this physically ill from a perfume before. However, I personally find that the performance on my skin is way too overpowering and nauseating. I just plain... don’t want to smell like this. Lancôme proclaims that every moment together is a gift with its La Vie Est Belle fragrance and offers a special deal on its Holiday Beauty Box. I love La Vie Est Belle. My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not! I like having a diverse fragrance wardrobe so although this on the sweet/girly side, I don't mind it at all. One of those scents that smell better on other people than yourself. However, I think you just can't go wrong with this perfume. This is beautiful. Maybe my sample was off? This is still amazing with great projection and longevity. Perfume lovers: 602700 In the original version, praline with currant and patchouli reigned, in the new version, praline with tonka and patchouli. Because it’s sooooo good. Its actually too sweet and cloying on my skin. No matter your age, I believe you must try this perfume at least twice in your life, even if you don't care for it at first. Not very sharp white florals, sorta sparkly white florals which isn't bad but I'm not feeling it now and I can think of cheaper alternatives that smell the same on me; EL Pure White Linen fx. Its name is appropriate, if you are searching for the lightness of the happiness of preparing yourself to go to a party, this nice waiting that, unfortunately, at the end proves to be a little shallow or, at least, common. By now everything has been said about LVEB,it is stil a beautiful fragrance,extremely popular but for a reaon.With the launch of Idole,LVEB has been put to one side for awhile but even if Idole is indeed a lovely scent I do not think it will be as succesful as LVEB.I hope there will be more flankers in the future so far they all have been so good. it's a sweet, feminine fragrance but it's really nothing special. The marketing campaign on this was very good, I was drawn in by the fact that Julia Roberts was the face, whether she actually wears it or not. This gourmand yet elegant composition is developed by perfumers Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. A beautiful coworker of mine wears this, she is quite feminine with long thick hair. La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum Women's Fragrance, 3.4 oz. In fact, lveb has always reminded me of original tresor while la nuit has no relation to the original, Lately I’ve been wanting something rich and decadent. It was a bit synthetic at first - strangely, I did not get the top notes listed here - the top notes when first sprayed reminded me of a maybe a distant cousin of Burberry Her, which I love, but once the fragrance dries down, things go a little haywire. I don’t think I will ever be without this fragrance in my collection, I truly love it so much. Since it is a more simply sweet perfume now, however you do still smell that it is La Vie Est Belle. La Vie Est Belle was launched in 2012. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle coffret cad... (23.00 EUR), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating I didn't want to buy it for so long because is so popular but I've recently got myself a sample and I absolutely love it! Disappointed :(. For me, I love 1 million, I didn't buy it because there are fragrances I love more, but I'm not gonna hate it because everyone wears it. How to say la vie est belle in English? As others mention and from my recollection I used to spray twice and that was enough, but now on my skin it’s less potent. Chocolate? There was a boom like 3-4 years ago when it seemed like it was the only perfume available on the market hahaha. And it makes me smile, just like its bottle :-). This seems to be such a polarizing fragrance! Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. This is one of the few perfumes I received compliments on and that’s rare for me. I loved the sweet aspect of it and I never found it sickly sweet at the time. I have been avoiding this perfume for years because of it's popularity. When I first smelt this fragrances it was very sweet to me but when it settled down it’s lovely and it’s amazing smell it on someone on the street. haha! I’m still just not sure about this one. Then there’s a strong vibe of burnt marshmallows, like when you get them really charred and only eat the charred part. Oh and lasts all day, just gorgeous. i got a sample of this a while back and only just tested it. Initially, it’s quite a ‘cold’ fragrance to me. La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of patchouli. I didnt care for it ..too screetchy! I don't understand the love for this one, but I do like some flankers. If you are thinking about picking this up just do it! I actually love the body wash that I receive when I purchased the perfume (and I usually never like perfume-scented body washes). Any idea why? This would be best worn during autumn season, IMHO. I got this for wife but that juice is of grey color. I finished half of the 100ml bottle and gave it away as it was becoming too sweet cloying and patchouli heavy. The notes sound fine, but actually undistinguishable in the scent itself and the result is just a chemical over-sugared mess. The fragrance is perfect from autumn to spring, as well as for evening outings. I used up a sample in 3 days and found it addictive. i thought the bottle and descriptors as sweet and feminine but this is so spicy to me i cant wear it. I bought both of them at the same time, and to be honest, they smelled extremely similar to my untrained nose. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | My husband has purchased this scent for me for Christmas. btw this is reformulated. One of the best fragrances of all times, the first one with a palatable STRONG sweet base, deplorably ruined by mass use. And they all mark generations! this is also a pretty heavy scent so be cautious of this if strong perfumes make you nauseous. It's that type of perfume that could suit all occasions, and that you wear all the time. I know that a lot of people wear this perfume, but I have to say, it’s inevitable. It also has a slight salty smell on me. This is sweet, overbearing, cloying...ugh. Many thanks. Bought this a few years ago after tested it for a few times. That's no surprise: the sillage is enormous and instantly recognizable. i’m talking full femininity here. Absolutely beautiful. jeremy fragrance and his male friends all seemed to love it...but i was surprised to smell how SPICY it is. La Vie Est Belle is probably one of the most feminine high end label scents i can think of. Sweet, elegant and feminine scent! this was a gift. So, when I received a sample of it, I tried it for several days and to be quite honest, it wasn't that sweet nor heavy. Plus some kind of minty herb which is probably patchouli but smells camphorous. La Vie Est Belle by Lancome is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. The dry down becomes wearable, but not really very interesting. The bottle is really lovely with heavy, contoured glass. It has that powdery iris adding a grown up sophistication that so many fragrances of this vein lack. I have brought many other perfumes inbetween but this still remains in my possession constantly and what I consider my signature. La Vie Est Belle. I wish I had discovered it sooner because I am in LOVE with it! Joyous femininity is expressed through this energizing women's perfume. That's the impression this perfume has had on me from the first time I smelled it. This perfume had to grow on me. Technically perfect. I extremely enjoy this in windy cooling day because this smell so intense like CHANEL coco Mademoiselle. I tried it once and I had to wash it off, it was so strong on me, purely vanilla. The performance is 10/10. This is the most headache-inducing horrible fragrance ever! would rather spend my money on something more memorable. For some this may mean a loss of depth. Stunning bottle as well. But the beast mode performance of LVEB with the silage that can cut through the chilly air is undoubtedly perfect for the winter time. The longetivy is great I can smell it on my clothes for days .On my skin it lasts about 6 hours max. It is one of the few perfumes i managed to finish from my collection. Love at first sniff. That's genuine for sure. A woman I imagine wearing it has super heavy makeup, fake nails/lashes/everything, sparkles, stiletto heels. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle coffret cad... (. This was my favorite fragrance for a while but something changed along the way. I knew of it of course but was never drawn to try it and knew no one who wore it. This is my all time favourite perfume, I don’t care how ‘overdone’ it is. Plus great marketing (ads with Julia are bull's-eye), beautiful bottle. It opens with a sugary fruit on me. I haven’t found ONE that matches up to the beauty of La Vie Est Belle. Honestly, I truly think that the only reason that this perfume gets so much flak is because so many people wear it. I often layered Mugler Angel with the exclamation and got a scent extremely similar to this, which I love.. imagine my delight when I discovered LVEB. La vie est belle" is a French expression meaning life is beautiful. Well,,,wow! I tried this perfume many times because we had this tester at work and it was sprayed a lot and I must admit I dislike it. Sweet, feminine, intense and durable. Book La Vie Est Belle hotel in Rome with Almosafer. For me the vanilla and tonka bean sings, the fruity gourmand is divine, the praline, the pear, just wow. Would be great as a présent because anyone would like it and great for special occasions and fancy events. This is probably the most beautiful perfume I have ever tried, and had. However I tried the tester on my wrist, and it doesn’t work on me. I love LVEB, dont find it to sweet or to strong ,just right . synthetic, it has no character. I have many perfumes and this one is not necessarily my favorite, but it never fails to get noticed, and in a good way.