While the Kid and Ned are upstairs receiving an “advance” on their reward, Little Bill demands Munny’s firearm and beats him when he lies about having one. He coasts into the driveway of a dilapidated 1920s mansion and hides the car in an empty garage. At home, an elated George is soon greeted by Mary, who has brought their friends and relatives, all of whom have contributed money to help him out. One afternoon, Fritz is having his English lesson when Brian reveals that a new pupil, Natalia Landauer, the daughter of a very rich Jewish family, is to arrive soon. Learning that the police have taken away his belongings and his snake is dead, Alex leaves the apartment sobbing and contemplates suicide at the river. That night, while Lazlo attends an underground meeting, Ilsa meets Rick and explains that she stayed behind in Paris because, on the day Rick left Paris she had learned that Lazlo, her husband, whom she had married in secret and thought dead, was alive. Juror 4, earlier so confident that the boy was guilty, admits he has reasonable doubt when the astute Juror 9 suddenly remembers that a female prosecution eyewitness had impressions on the sides of her nose of the sort left by eyeglasses. Prior to picking her up, Vincent buys heroin from his drug dealer, Lance, and injects himself with a dose. Father Barry maintains that Terry must follow his conscience and challenges him to be honest with Edie. The platoon rounds up villagers, mostly women and children. Update: … One day, as Andy’s family prepares for an outing to Pizza Planet, his mother tells him he can only take one toy to the restaurant. When Holden asks him to describe his mother, Kowalski shoots the agent. He makes his way to Iris’ room as the timekeeper, still alive, comes after him. When McMurphy asks Ratched to turn down the music so the men can hear each other, Ratched refuses, explaining that the older men who are hard of hearing would not be able to enjoy it. The next evening, during his broadcast, Howard announces his upcoming retirement, and since he has nothing else in his life, he will “blow his brains out” on next Tuesday’s show. As the frightened horses charge out, Will leaps on one and makes his escape, but falls after being shot in the arm. In the morning, Duane admits that if he had married Jacy, her father would have forced them to get an annulment, too. Once inside, Alex beats and kicks the home’s owner, writer Mr. Frank Alexander, while mimicking a soft shoe dance routine and singing a musical number. However, Indy uses his bullwhip to topple a statue and knock down a wall. Production Company: Lawrence Turman, Inc. Outraged, Mrs. Robinson demands that Ben stop seeing her daughter; instead he blurts out the truth to a shocked Elaine, who returns to college in Berkeley. On the day of Ellie and Westley's formal wedding, Andrews confronts Ellie, and she confesses that although she loves Peter, she will go through with the wedding because Peter despises her. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Others cannot believe it, and laugh it off as impossible. Jake warily watches their encounter, and when Vickie returns to the table, accuses her of flirting with Salvy and Tommy. Consumed with rage, Nathan insults Stingo’s novel and taunts Sophie for surviving Auschwitz while millions of Jewish people died. Cpl. At Sid Poliakoff’s agency, receptionist Nellie Weinmeier, incensed over being stood up by Joe a few nights earlier, reveals there is an opening for a bass and sax with a band in an all-expenses paid trip to Florida. Consoling himself with alcohol, Indy is detained by his nemesis, René Belloq. At a celebration banquet, Arrius announces that he is adopting Judah as his heir, replacing the son who had died. While Taylor bonds with Elias’s crew, a more aggressive group of soldiers drinks beer and listens to country music while Barnes and O’Neill play poker in their bunker. Later, Judah and Esther kiss and reveal their feelings for each other, but Esther worries that Judah is consumed with hate and tells him of a young Nazarene she has heard of who preaches of love. Jake then follows the couple to the El Macando courtyard apartments, where he secretly takes pictures of the girl embracing Hollis. Now at a complete standstill, some of the jurors want to declare a hung jury, but know that the judge will not accept the declaration without further deliberations. As he leaves, Ryan gives a heartfelt salute to Miller’s tombstone. Klein follows Sal to Washington, D.C, where Sal meets with Charnier to ask for a few more days. After Alvy and Annie have broken up, he muses that he has always been attracted to the wrong kind of women. Munny pours himself a drink. As the battle rages around them, Martin tries to stop Ethan, but Ethan catches Debbie and, instead of killing her, suddenly lifts her into the air, tenderly cradles her in his arms and says, "Let's go home, Debbie." That night, after the show, Lloyd and Karen join Bill and Margo at the Cub Room, and Bill announces that he and Margo are engaged. One day, when Curtin goes into the valley for supplies, he encounters Cody, a Texan, who questions him closely about the territory because he is sure that there is gold in the surrounding mountains. Terry shows her his own prize bird, then asks her if she would like to have a beer with him. In 1943, Jake scores a major victory against Sugar Ray Robinson, Robinson’s first loss and the beginning of a life-long rivalry between the two boxers. The next morning is Sunday and many of the performers go to their respective churches. According to ancient lore, the ark’s tomb in the “Well of Souls” can only be located by taking a special headpiece to the “Map Room” in Tanis and holding it up to the rising sun on the “Staff of Ra.” The refraction will cast a beam on a floor model of the city, and reveal the ark’s secret location. This releases his spirit from the world of the living, and he vanishes. However, as they prepare to leave, Toto leaps from the balloon to chase a cat, and after Dorothy goes to retrieve the dog, the balloon takes off without them. Norman, irritated by Sam’s insinuations, retreats to his parlor and upon hearing Sam’s mention of his mother, knocks Sam unconscious. Production Company: Charles Chaplin Film Corp. The personnel officer drills Travis with questions, and warms to him when he realizes they both served in the Marines. However, Tyrell informed Deckard that Rachael has no termination date. Joey has also married and moved into a nearby house with his wife Lenore. Tommy continues to wreak havoc when he shoots Spider, a young recruit, for mouthing off at him during a poker game. Joined by their friend Casy, a former "fire and brimstone" preacher, the Joads begin their long trek west on Route 66. Across the room, two men, Valerian and Licht, believe Roger’s summons is acknowledgment that he is Kaplan and when Roger leaves the bar, forcibly take him to a waiting car and drive him to the private home of Lester Townsend in Glen Cove. He insists, but she again refuses, revising her story to reveal her final secret: Upon arriving at Auschwitz, a German officer threatened to kill both her children unless she chose between them, prompting her to sacrifice her daughter. Linda chases after him and they make love in a motel. Retreating to the ladies’ room for repairs, the men come upon stunning singer and ukulele player Sugar Kane Kowalczyk drinking bourbon from a flask. Because David has asked her not to reveal his full name to Elizabeth, Susan tells her aunt that David's last name is "Bone" and that he is a big game hunter who has suffered a nervous breakdown. Five months later, when Mitch reveals his plans to marry Blanche, he and Stanley fight after Stanley tells him about her sordid past. At his apartment later that night, Walter is surprised by a visit from Keyes, who has developed indigestion due to an incongruity in the case: Dietrichson never filed a claim for his broken leg, even though he had just purchased accident insurance, in addition to which, the train was going so slowly that suicide is unlikely. Brigid admits that she shot Miles, hoping to implicate Thursby. Betty urges him to leave with her immediately, but he tells her he is bound to "a long term contract with no options" and allows her to leave. With her German language and secretarial skills, Sophie was allowed to personally serve Commandant Rudolf Hoess, and relocated to a private room in his cellar. Annie, a sometime actress from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, offers Alvy a ride home and invites him up to her apartment for a drink. Jeff and Lisa then watch as a neighbor whom Jeff calls “Miss Lonely Hearts” entertains an imaginery dinner date, and “Miss Torso,” an attractive dancer, juggles the attentions of three male admirers in her apartment. Assuming it is cocaine, she snorts the drug and accidentally overdoses. The posse then sets out to find the girls. That night, Ann is kidnapped from the ship by natives and tied to stakes outside the huge village walls. Michael pulls Steven to the shore and carries him on land until they join a procession of Vietnamese refugees. Judah dives after Arrius and pulls him to safety on some floating debris that serves as a raft. On New Year's Eve, Norma stages a lavish party for herself and Joe, but he flies into a rage because he feels smothered. At the Spade and Archer detective agency in San Francisco, Samuel Spade is interviewed by the beautiful Miss Wonderly, who wishes to hire him to find her runaway sister. Two have since died in an attempt to infiltrate the Tyrell Corporation, but Kowalski and possibly others have successfully penetrated the company as new employees. After he takes her home, Carol asks for something to remember him by and John gives her a piece of his car as a token and a peck on the cheek. In response, Joey advises Jake to indulge in more sex and less food. At midnight, they present him with the ring, engraved with a Hebrew saying that states, “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.” Stern credits Schindler with saving 1,100 people. AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies – 10th Anniversary Edition is an updated edition to AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies, a list of the top 100 greatest American films of all time. In the morning, Tom awakens with Opal in his bed, but ignores her to call Linnea. Injured and shaken, Mose reveals Scar's location, whereupon the men immediately prepare for a surprise attack. While helping Doc, Tony can think of nothing but Maria, who is at home, waiting impatiently for the end of the evening, when she and Tony can be together. Nicholson still refuses to let his officers perform manual labor, and after the other men march off to work, Saito calls for a machine gun and threatens to gun down all the officers. Criteria. Deckard pursues her through the busy streets and shoots her down. The next day, Messala receives the gift of an expensive knife from Quintus Arrius, the younger. There, Howard, an old prospector, talks about men who succumbed to gold fever and lost everything, and Dobbs swears that would never happen to him. American Film Institute Fantasy. During a celebration held in his honor by neighbors, Bilbo confesses to his old friend, the wizard Gandalf, that he is weary and plans to leave the Shire, never to return. The next morning, Harry Rosenfeld and Howard Simons, editors at the. Afterward, Joe meets Sugar on the pier as an unhappy Jerry talks Osgood into dining at a local roadhouse. Jeff and Paine go to Washington, where Jeff, overwhelmed by his first sight of the Capitol dome, leaves the group and boards a tour bus. They think Jeff's patriotic spirit is hokum, and Saunders engineers a disasterous press conference for Jeff. Michael and Nick carry out the plan, kill their captors and escape with Steven. As she happily changes her clothes and tells The Maid that she and her husband are taking a trip across the water, her husband envisions pushing her overboard. Martha conceals her own vulnerability and frustration behind a show of loud vulgarity. At the banquet, an inebriated Al gives a rambling speech, but ends by saying that he loves the bank so much, he plans to gamble with the depositors' money and on the future of the country. Although dismayed, Milton does not override Al's decision, but advises him to be more cautious and not gamble with the depositors' money. On the sidewalk, Mookie reprimands Buggin Out for putting his job at risk and asks him to stay away from the pizzeria for a week. Later, she wakes up Henry by pointing a gun at his face. Elias devises a plan to strike the NVA from behind, and takes four soldiers, including Taylor and Rhah, with him as he sets off to another location. Hunting for suspects, the police pick up Virgil Tibbs, a well-dressed black man, and bring him to headquarters for questioning. Reminding him that the writer and several of his other victims would like him either killed or imprisoned, the minister, worried about the outcome of the election, offers Alex a job and financial compensation in trade for being the minister’s propaganda tool. In March 1943, Krakow Jews are again forced to relocate to Plaszow. Upon their return, however, the boys are shocked to learn that Sam has died. The next day, one of Jake's photographs is printed on the front page of the newspaper, accompanied by a story about Hollis' "love nest." At the same time, the Romans elect Crassus as head consul and leader of the legions, and he vows to destroy Spartacus and restore order to the empire. As they drive, Vincent talks with his gun casually trained on Marvin. Itzhak Stern recruits Jewish workers for Schindler’s factory. The AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition) list includes five titles from Rosenbaum's list (including Do the Right Thing),[3] and the accompanying promotional poster lists the titles in alphabetical order. When Carol refuses to divulge her address, John feigns uncontrollable passion for her, frightening her into telling him where she lives. He goes back to work repairing machines, but a strike puts him out of a job and back in jail. He tells his son, Will, to take care of the younger Penny, and promises to be back in two weeks. On the eve of his wedding, Dr. David Huxley, a dedicated paleontologist at the Stuyvesant Museum of Natural History, is sent by his fiancée and assistant, Alice Swallow, to play golf with Alexander Peabody, the lawyer for Mrs. Carleton Random, a potential million-dollar donor to the museum. In 1861, Scarlett O'Hara, the headstrong sixteen-year-old daughter of wealthy Georgia plantation-owner Gerald O'Hara, is sick of hearing talk about going to war with the North. Cpl. Walter turns down Keyes' offer and after leaving the office, calculates his every move to avoid future suspicion, then hides in the Dietrichsons' car. He took up boxing and Friendly bought a percentage of him, but his career faded. When Annabelle accidentally puts a burning log between Johnnie and the train, Johnnie tries to leap onto the train, but misses the track and falls straight in to the water below. DONATE. When he hears footsteps, he turns and shoots, accidentally killing Mulderig. Although Jake smothers him with hugs and kisses, Joey, still angry, shrugs him off. When Dobbs is caught in a cave-in, Curtin briefly considers leaving him to die, in order to get a larger share of the treasure. There, they find unusual footprints, which they assume were made by coyotes. Menu. Skinny Dubois identifies himself, and Munny shoots him point blank. A few days later, Jake and his associate, Duffy, photographs Hollis rowing a pretty young blonde woman around Echo Park Lake. Joe is knocked out, and aware that she will not see Shane again, Marian says a grateful goodbye. The next morning, Susan telephones David, who is preparing to meet Alice with his new possession, a rare brontasaurus fossil, and begs him to help her with her new possession, "Baby," a tamed leopard that her brother has shipped to her from Brazil. The two give Futterman money in exchange for the news that Debbie is held captive by Scar. Schindler makes an announcement to his workers and the SS guards that he is a war criminal and will flee that night. The antics of tomboyish Maria, a novice at the abbey in Salzburg, concern the Mother Abbess, who is unsure of Maria's intensions. The remainder of the Fellowship fights valiantly, until the Uraks leave. Later order is restored and Ratched, now wearing a neck brace, regains control of the men, although they still play blackjack using cigarettes for money. On May 19, 1935, Lawrence dies in a motorcycle crash in Dorset, England, and is commemorated in services at St. Paul's. Meanwhile, Fran meets Sheldrake at the apartment and, receiving his Christmas gift of a $100 bill, becomes despondent. Andy brings the information to Warden Norton, who refuses to help, out of fear that Andy will implicate him in the money laundering scheme. In their room, Jerry laments having to give up Osgood and Joe telephones Sugar to disclose that Junior’s family has ordered him to Venezuela immediately for an arranged marriage. Constable Slocum then arrives on the scene, spots David slinking around the house and arrests him for voyeurism. With the help of Elrond’s daughter Arwen, who loves Strider enough to give up her Elven immortality, Frodo is rushed to Rivendell and healed by Elven medicine. The next day, Addison's column sings Eve's praises and makes snide remarks about "mature" actresses playing youthful roles. The boys publish their tiny newspaper, but Taylor's gang steals the papers and injures some of the boys. Joe recognizes the faded woman as Norma Desmond, once a famous silent movie star. Realizing they are trapped on top of Mount Rushmore, Roger and Eve start down the monument, but Roger is attacked by Valerian and Eve tussles with Leonard. One night, a soldier hands Forrest a, In June 1972, a smiling, confident President Nixon is about to address the American people. At two a.m. on the campus of a New England college, a middle-aged professor of history and his wife return home from a party. Randle Patrick McMurphy, who is eager to escape a work farm prison where he is serving a six-month sentence for statutory rape, is delivered to the asylum wearing handcuffs. Clarice guesses the killer could be Buffalo Bill and presses for more information, but Lecter demands to be transferred to a new hospital and given a cell with a view. Decades earlier, on June 6, 1944, U.S. soldiers participate in the invasion of Normandy. On the night of the play's New Haven opening, Eve tells Addison that Lloyd is going to leave Karen and marry her. In support of their "not guilty" verdicts, the jurors realize that the witness deceived the court by taking off her glasses prior to her court appearance and they surmise that she was most likely not wearing them in bed the night she claimed to have witnessed the murder. Margo argues bitterly with Lloyd and accuses Bill of rehearsing Eve on the sly. Lawrence launches a series of successful guerrilla raids, which, as reported by American journalist Jackson Bentley, establish his international reputation. Joe begs Ernie to stay and calls for a meeting of the homestead men that night. After watching Burns teach Korean mess hall boy Ho-jon to learn English by reading the Bible out loud, Duke and Hawkeye decide the sixteen-year-old would have more fun practicing with. Ned shoots Davey’s horse, and the horse pins him. Some time later, in a remote landscape, Deckard and Rachael drive through the wilderness together. Mr. Green, an elderly man whose wife Esther is dying in the hospital, has come to the airport to pick up his niece Martha, a celebrity groupie who calls herself “L.A. He agrees never to speak to Janice again and promises to support the family, as long as she keeps bringing him drugs. The next morning, they are preparing to leave when they hear her father's detectives approaching. While Sundance points his gun at her, Etta disrobes and lets her hair down, then as he embraces her, she chastises him for being late. Curt chats with their twenty-two-year-old friend, John Milner, an auto mechanic and amateur racer who has remained in perpetual adolescence and suppresses his feelings of being left behind. The agents reveal that Nazis are excavating the area for biblical artifacts to prove Adolf Hitler is the Christian Messiah, and to wield the relics’ mystical powers. Proceeding to Joey’s house, Jake pulls his brother away from dinner with his family and begins to beat him, accusing him of adultery with Vickie. Walter soon gives in to his longing and kisses Phyllis, after which she reveals that she has been abused and neglected by her husband. She lowers the weapon, allowing him to retaliate by wrestling her to the floor and yanking her hair. Upon inspecting the bridge, Nicholson criticizes the workers’ cavalier attitude and asks Capt. The couple resurfaces at an airfield where Nazis prepare to airlift the ark, but Indy fights off a Nazi muscle man, who meets his death by backing into the plane propeller, the aircraft explodes due to a gas leak. Mookie and Jade watch in horror, and Mother Sister cries out, prompting Da Mayor to embrace her. As a bell on the Christmas tree rings, Zuzu says that every time a bell rings an angel receives his wings, and George knows that this time it was Clarence. Their crisp arrival is wryly observed by Shears, an American sailor who bribes a guard to transfer him from the burial detail to the infirmary. Eve explains that her life changed when she happened to see Margo in a play in San Francisco, and when the production moved to New York, Eve followed. On the long ride back to their hideout, the Hole in the Wall in Wyoming, Butch tries to convince Sundance that they should go to Bolivia, which abounds in gold. Sonny and Charlene then take their turn in the pickup, but the frustrated Sonny, longing to do more than fondle Charlene’s breasts, ends their stale relationship when she becomes petulant. Spartacus tries to befriend Ethopian gladiator Draba, but soon learns that the men refuse to ally, knowing that they may be forced to kill each other. Realizing that “Josephine” is “Junior,” Sugar follows the men down to the dock and the waiting Osgood. Three other intercut stories serve as counterparts to the modern drama. When Penny discovers a half-dressed Lucky playing piquet in his room, she storms away in another huff. After leaving Dietrichson's body on the tracks, Phyllis and Walter leave together in her car. By putting on the ring and becoming invisible, Frodo escapes Boromir, whom he knows is enchanted by the ring, and while in that state, sees the eye of Sauron looking for the ring and Sauron’s armies preparing for war. As they all board the speedboat, Joe removes his wig and confesses that he is a liar and a phony, but Sugar insists that she does not care and the couple embrace. Upon their return, however, Abilene treats Jacy coldly, and when she sees her mother, Jacy breaks into tears. Steve returns to Mel’s alone, where a waitress invites him home, and although he refuses her, Laurie sees them together and presumes that he is already dating others. When he finally realizes he is crossing into enemy territory, Johnnie abandons his train and runs into the woods to hide. Even though he is fascinated by her dangerous beauty, Sam turns Brigid in for the murder of his partner. Obsessed by proving the mettle of his British soldiers, Nicholson turns a deaf ear to the medic’s protest. Their laughter disgusts Spartacus, and after he refuses to mistreat the young woman, Batiatus takes her away as punishment for not acting as “a man.” Over the next weeks, Spartacus excels at gladiatorial skills and falls further in love with Varinia. She gives Lecter a case file, and he agrees to help in exchange for personal information about Clarice. Morrie pesters Jimmy for his payout, but Jimmy does not want to share the profits and orders hits on nearly everyone involved, including Morrie. Lila inches forward to tap the old woman on the shoulder, but when she swings around, Lila is horrified to find herself staring at a decaying corpse. Judah will not listen, though, and leaves, determined to find a means of revenge against Messala. Noticing that Jerry has inadvertently left on his high heels, the henchmen give chase and Joe and Jerry run into a convention hall and hide, unaware that the mob “convention” is scheduled to meet there. He takes the cocaine to Sandy’s apartment, where she mixes it with quinine and complains that Henry does not spend enough time with her. Stern relays a story about Goeth executing prisoners at random, and urges Schindler to fight against Goeth’s brutality. Before Barbara Jean’s next performance, Delbert asks Barnett if she will headline the rally, but he declines, as he does not want her involved in politics. AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center; SUPPORT. After Sheldrake leaves, Fran swallows Buddy’s bottle of sleeping pills and passes out on his bed. Emboldened, the other slaves follow suit and escape, forming an “army” that travels across the countryside, looting landowners and freeing slaves, who then join the swelling ranks. Bullard recommends Fred to the new manager, but Fred bristles at the idea of taking a low-paying job which would still involve working at the lunch counter. Desperate, the President turns to his physicist adviser, the paraplegic ex-Nazi, Dr. Strangelove, who calculates that humanity can survive if a selected few take to underground shelters and remain there for about 100 years.