Strange. Strange, with … In prep: Thanos stomps. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Thanos has all his standard gear minus his chair, space ship, and the Thanocopter. Thanos is not. Strange sure did, strange is well above skyfarther at his best, he dealt with abstract elder god types which are above Skyfarthers, defeated the inbetweener, faced off against Shuma Gorath and Cyttorak, at his best, he was near omnipotent, how can anyone think thanos can win? He graduated college in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Media & Public Communication, with a minor in Media Production. Once Strange was back alive and helped orchestrate the transportation of multiple armies to fight Thanos, many fans were ready to see the "Wizard Duel" part 2. Strange even back then was no where close to as powerful as you are making it sound. They may have been busy, but there's another reason that Strange couldn't get involved. Thanos had to fend off multiple Avengers, and Strange maintained a spell to keep the battlefield from flooding. Thanos is also versed in stranges specialty as well as outclassing Strange quite handily in everything outside of magic. His morals are off and is bloodlusted to kill thanos. Unless you start looking at What IFs , you wont find a single feat for, a single bio entry, that say Elder Gods are more powerful then Odin. It surrounds his head, and he can launch it at his enemies through his hands and his mouth. Strange is specialized as is his offense. But, all that matters in the present is that Strange did what he had to do - including not fighting Thanos - in Avengers: Endgame to guarantee that this future would still come. Forum Posts. Related: Doctor Strange's 14 Million Futures Means Thanos Rules The Multiverse. isn't Thanos skyfather level? Strange , at least as Sorcerer Supreme because his life was touched by Eternity. Strange has a day prep while Thanos has a few hours. Strange vs Thanos Scenario 2: Current Dr. Magic user isnt going to have any more magic powers than very embodiment of magic wouldnt you think. In fact, Death hasnt actually actively fought against anyone in 616 reality. Strange as Sorcerer Supreme (or classic version, which is what he is normally referred to on comicvine) isnt powerful or isnt likely more powerful than Thanos, but rather Dr. Doctor Strange (Classic) vs Thanos # Doctor Strange (Classic) Thanos made the in betweener bleed strange never beated Shuma gorath while thanos can beat him fighting someone does not make you above him so dormmamu is fodder and he never beated galactus if he did it would be a outlier "in an instant's thought you may utterly destroy me -- and the Earth". Dr. Just stop time and do some crazy stuff. Infinity fought Oblivion to a stand still in Oblivion's own realm. 1:49. @mrhamwallet: Current Strange is back to his classic power level. at his best, he was near omnipotent, how can anyone think thanos can win? Thanos didnt stand against LT because LT refused to go up against Thanos , as in his eyes no crime has been committed. While fans may have wanted to see Thanos and Strange face each other once again, Strange knew that he could not engage with Thanos under any circumstance. Yeah, I don't really like what they are doing with him now. but he would need that magical condition Batman thrives on. I dont deny that as Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange before from galaxy away helplessly banishing Dr. It surrounds his Hell Hog and his famous chain. Im saying a stalemate probably? Strange. Strange and Thor could win 5/10 times in this match, while Thanos and Hela win the other five times. . Scenario 2: Thanos with the Black Order vs Dr. Being trapped for eternity would certainly have an impact, but as presented the death-worshipping god is truly an unstoppable force. . Thanos is Stronger, Smarter, and more powerful. Death was forced to unleash her power few years back in Thanos Imperative, which ended up destroying cancerverse, The Galactus Engine (which single handedly was fighting and getting better of collection of Galactus, Primodial God, and Celestials) and crippling Many Angled Ones (one of whom was Shuma Gorath). Strange didnt die , or why Death failed to claim him when they fought, it was because it wasnt his time to die yet and while he was Death on the physical plane, being allied with Eternity allowed him to live. Thanos will do he is supposed to do every time and Dr. Minecraft PE : DO NOT CHOOSE THE WRONG SECRET BASE! Scenario 1: Thanos VS Dr. traskindustries. Does anyone have that scan of the Illuminati admitting (this includes Strange) that they could never beat Thanos? And since you went in to compare IG with Dr. Thanos. Strange was capable of channaling the power of 2 abstract embodiment of magic themselves, why bother calling on power of guys like Dormammu, Vishanti etc? Although, if I'm wrong on that count, feel free to correct me. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Strange was able to hold his own with just the Eye of Agamotto and Time Stone on his side, while Thanos had four Infinity Stones at that point. Doctor Strange Vs Thanos - Fight Scene Avengers Infinity War. Strange's quick learning helped him master the mystic arts, but it was by using the Eye of Agamotto and Time Stone that he became even more powerful. Apart from marvel casually throwing around the terms omnipotent, which is something actually said about Dr. Thanos knows Strange too well, he will already have contingencies planed for him. Thanos stomps, he goes one on one with Galaxy busters and the Dr is too mortalso prep time won't do a whole lot for the Dr especially when you have also given the Titan a few hours, thanos takes this giving him prep was a bad idea. Classic Strange would make purple paste out of Thanos. I would think the answer is obvious. LT was not even sure he could take it from him by force and it would destory the realm of manifestations (multiversal realm of the abstracts). Also no one said that thanos has the IG or that strange was at his Clasic levels. Classic Strange, dr wins easily. Again, not saying Dr. I dont recall Dr. Death could no longer touch Dr. This is the tricky one. That also begs the question, if Dr. Doctor Strange (Classic) vs Thanos # Doctor Strange (Classic) Thanos made the in betweener bleed strange never beated Shuma gorath while thanos can beat him fighting someone does not make you above him so dormmamu is fodder and he never beated galactus if he did it would be a outlier. None of these would be successful, though, so only in this exact sequence of events culminating in Iron Man's death would the one future where they win come to pass. thanos vs doctor strange in hindi. "It took a god (Neptune) to banish the Wild One last time, none of us possesses that kind of might". "He (Dr. The point was Dr.Strange had to prove to LT that he was powerful enough to solve the mystical embalance he created by unleashing Zom's hair. Dec 13, 2007 #2 I gets really hard to choose between these two, their powerset are like opposite. But i dont doubt that outcome, had Thanos gone up against LT with Infinity Gauntlet he would have lost. If it's classic Strange, he wins. Strange. Follow Cooper on Twitter @MovieCooper. … He has always, conviently, defeated Shuma via plot, they are not on the same level (well Thanos without prep sure as hell isnt on the same level as Shuma either, but thats ok), they have never been. Dr. Cooper’s love for movies began by watching Toy Story and Lion King on repeat as a child, but it wasn't until The Avengers that he took an invested interest in movies and the filmmaking process, leading him to discover the world of film journalism. Thanos and Strange went toe-to-toe on Titan in Avengers: Infinity War in a moment dubbed the "Wizard Duel" by Marvel Studios. Strange's one winning scenario was one in which the stones were destroyed, the snap was undone, and the one person who knew how to turn Pym tech into time travel died. As for the thread: In a random encounter: Thanos stomps. While the number of feats might not be a lot (i personally havent actually gathered all of Infinity appearances, will that that when i get time) given we know just how powerful Oblivion is, let alone in his own realm, that speaks volumes about her power. Round Two: Same as R1 except Thanos also has knowledge of Stranges abilities. As long as Thanos doesn't have IG or HOTU its close but Thanos will still win. DEATH OF THANOS + ALTERNATIVE FINAL AVENGERS INFINITY WARS HULK vs THANOS. Power16 A real friend last forever!!! Netmarble Global 6,503,150 views. Dr. Next: Every Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie. Strange? Even with IG did thanos dare stand against the living tribunal? He could. elder god types which are above Skyfarthers. Strange has the knowledge he obtained during IW. Strange has never actually fought Death nor beat her. He joined Screen Rant in late 2016 following a year-long stint with MCU Exchange, which came after first developing an MCU blog of his own. His atomic/transmutation powers as well as other spells worked on the likes of Dormammu, sure as hell it would work on Thanos. Avengers three. And since you went in to compare IG with Dr. Strange was totally and utterly hepless against InBetweener, what does he do next, he channels the power of the very abstract who created Inbetweener, a power he has never channeled again. While Doctor Strange needs to perform incantations and spells to summon the supernatural forces at his disposal, the Ghost Rider is a being largely made up of hellfire. @thenewfalcon: No but Adam Warlock with the IG did. Strange comes, items ready. Strange has a day prep while Thanos has a few hours. This set off a chain of events that saw Thor eventually decapitate Thanos, and five years later Hulk snap everyone back to life, including Strange, in Avengers: Endgame's ending. Strange, Loki, Thor, Hulk, and Heimdall Watch Doctor Strange vs Thanos in Infinity War (2016) Not to mention that LT was weaker back then (could have been destroyed in a blast that would have destroyed a planet). Strange wins because of this assuming he's serious in taking Thanos down. Marvel Thanos Vs Doctor Strange IronMan | Future Fights. Playing next. Strange) challanged one before whom he is but a helpless child". Thanos has a thing for death, Strange even beat her, enough said. Strange ever fighting an abstract, do you? Thanos destroyed all six Infinity Stones, which could leave Strange and all of Earth vulnerable to other threats. Report. In Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange tells Tony Stark there’s only one way to defeat Thanos right before he hands over the Time Stone.We assumed this was the … 22:15. Current Strange, Thanos wins easily. Dr Strange has 2 years of prep access to all his artifacts and can call the Vishanti to back him up. Strange to be. If it's classic Strange, Strange stomps. Strange could take on Thanos, its just i dont agree with how high you are interpreting Dr. Great to experience something Dr Strange may have eaten on his journey’s. Thanos has a thing for death, Strange even beat her, enough said. Strange before he actually became the Sorcerer Supreme and got the mantle from the Ancient One, in all reality he isnt even close to being anywhere close to as powerful as you are estimating him to be. Strange outright admits LT could have killed with a thought, had LT wanted to. Scenario 1: Classic Dr. Even with IG did thanos dare stand against the living tribunal?